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Why do People Hurt Possums

This Sick Coward Needs Time I started Mr Possum years ago to take away the frustration people faced when possums were in the roof space. A number of people I spoke to had tried to take matters into their own hands and permanently silence the possums. Whilst still leaving the hole in the roof, yeah […]

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Are Possums Vindictive?

You have to wonder if Possums think. If they do, would they hold a grudge? The other day I was speaking to a lady at her home in Windsor, Brisbane. She was telling me about how she had a resident Brushtail Possum who for the last couple of months had been visiting them at night. […]

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Possum Removal Information

possum removal and proofing

Don’t get the Wrong Information! I happened to be listening to a pest controller talking to a home owner about possums and how he was going to go about getting them from the roof. Wow this poor home owner was being given the run around. It would have cost him about 3 times what it […]

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Why Get Professional Possum Removal

possum proofing properly

Understanding Possums One of the most common questions I get asked is how can you guarantee your possum proofing work? Don’t possums chew their way back in? The answer is simple, yes they do chew their way back in and I can guarantee the work we do because possum removal is more than just trapping […]

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Do Owl Statues Scare off Possums

Possum removal that doesn't work

Is it possible for an owl statue to scare off possums from your property? I have heard a number of people say they have tried everything to stop possums from interrupting their sleep at night, but an Owl Statue to scare off Possums??? Just yesterday a lady said she was playing loud music in an […]

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Young Possums

Young Possum removal

Young Possum Removal In recent times which is autumn in Australia, I have been seeing a number of instances of young possums getting themselves in compromising positions. This is a bit unusual because predominantly this happens at the end of winter after they have breed in autumn. What this means is that possum removal may […]

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Is Possum Removal the Answer?

Possum removal Many people have had experience with possum removal. Some people believe that the only thing you can do is to remove them. What they mean is to trap them and relocate them. YOU CAN”T DO THIS. Just because a possum is keeping you awake at night doesn’t give you the right to take […]

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Possum Removal

The number of times I have seen the evidence of poorly executed attempts to get rid of noises in the roof is astounding.

The worst case was a young possum sitting eating rat poison distributed by a pest controller who wrongly diagnosed the noises as rats.

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How to Keep Possums out

Discover what not to use when possum proofing your house

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Trap a Possum

Just trapping a possum doesn’t fix the problem of possums in your roof

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