How Much Does Possum Removal Cost

What are you really asking?

Possum removal is just part of the job.

The most important part though is the Possum Proofing of your house.

Just about anyone can remove a possum, just last week I had lady ring me from Manly where she had someone come to remove a possum that was inside the roof.

The guy she called had an advertisement in the local paper…..

Claiming he could Rid Your home of Possums.

He showed up in a van that was sign written as being a Carpet Cleaner and Pest Control

What do you think happened…………

Yeah, this guy set traps in the roof and surprise, surprise didn’t catch anything. Because he was using the wrong type of trap. But trapping is a bad idea anyway.possums trapped

At this stage he hadn’t been up on the roof to find any entry points, the idea was to wait until they had all been caught and released then he was going to block off the entry point. BUT he didn’t know where that point was.

Long story short……..

We were called in and got the job done in 3 days, Possum out and hole sealed up permanently.

Here’s what this would have cost.

Each Time he was to come and check the trap he was going to charge her $85.00, by the time we got there he had been twice and hadn’t caught a possum but still wanted to charge for his time $170.00 (possums still in the roof)

He then didn’t show up for a week, we think he was stumped at this stage and didn’t know what else to do.

Blah Blah, I think you get the picture.

He thought it would be a great idea to add another source of income to his carpet cleaning business.

We only specialise in possum removal and proofing of your house.

We have a minimum charge to get the possums out and proof the entry points

Any additional costs are due to any extra work required to ensure your home is possum proof.

We won’t was your money or our time if we don’t think we can solve your problem. But that hasn’t happened yet.


Possum Removal Sequence

Possum removal systemPossum removal by finding the entry points

You can hear them but you can’t find where they are getting in. I don’t know how often I have heard that.


This is the first sign of extreme frustration and it is all down hill from here.

Normally you go from

  • I can hear a noise in my roof, maybe if I leave it the noise will go away by its self.
  • No the noise hasn’t gone away.

Then you start looking for the holes and unless you get up on the roof and find a real obvious hole then you will often not know for sure where they get in.

Just removing them by trapping is a waste of time and it can harm the possum, besides that it doesn’t fix the problem………….. because another one will just follow the scent trail and bingo, you have a new possum in your roof.

Then by the time you ring me, extreme frustration is evident and somehow the cute little nocturnal creature that appeared at night on the balcony has transformed into PUBLIC ENEMY number 1 and must be taken care of once and for all.

I even had a guy with possums in Brisbane once meet me at the top of the stairs to his house, grab me by the collar and say, “mate! I don’t care what you have to do just get rid of the €£%#^*¥ possum”

Fortunately we did, he calmed down and no one got hurt!!!! In particular the possum.

The main point to remember is that possums don’t just go away, they are looking for a home and when they find a vacancy they move in, get comfortable and live their life. A part of which is their nocturnal activities in your roof.

What to do?

Get them out as soon as you hear the first noises.

If you can’t see the entry point obviously then chances are it will be hard to find.

Give us a call 0403819828 and we will sort it out for you, the early detection can often save money on expensive damage repairs caused by long term possum inhabitants.

Why do People Hurt Possums

This Sick Coward Needs Time

I started Mr Possum years ago to take away the frustration people faced when possums were in the roof space.

A number of people I spoke to had tried to take matters into their own hands and permanently silence the possums. Whilst still leaving the hole in the roof, yeah I know, not real bright but can kill a small animal!!!!!!When possum interrupt your sleep remove them don't kill them

This sick individual should be locked up for doing this.

Who ever the spineless person was they shot it with an arrow then chopped its tail off and left it for dead.

Read the full story here………….

If you have a possum in your roof, don’t take it out on the possum. Fix your roof to stop it from getting in and if you can’t do it then call us and we will. Mr Possum 0403 819 828

Are Possums Vindictive?

You have to wonder if Possums think.

If they do, would they hold a grudge?

The other day I was speaking to a lady at her home in Windsor, Brisbane.

She was telling me about how she had a resident Brushtail Possum who for the last couple of months had been visiting them at Vindictive possumnight.

This little guy had been walking along the top railing of her veranda, “it looked so cute, we would all sit and look at it”.

This went on until one Saturday night the friends were invited  over for a BBQ.

They didn’t want the possum around during dinner so decided to use a spray bottle and squirt the possum with water and try and scare it off.

It seemed to work, the night before a few squirts and it disappeared, fantastic everyone thought. They packed up and went to bed.


Revenge is sweet

The next morning, they woke up and went out on to the deck, where the possum often frequented and the BBQ was to be held that night.

Their little possum friend had returned. Obviously not too impressed with being squirted with water so decided to do a bit of squirting of its own.

He had Jumped onto the table on the deck and pee’d all over it. Up and back.

So you have to wonder if whether this possum actually got his nose out of joint when being squirted by water and decided to extract a bit of pay back.

I guess it my pay to be kind to possums in the future.

Remember if you need a hand possum proofing you home just give us a call.

Possum Removal Information

Don’t get the Wrong Information!

I happened to be listening to a pest controller talking to a home owner about possums and how he was going to go about getting them from the roof.

Wow this poor home owner was being given the run around. It would have cost him about 3 times what it should have and the problem would not have been solved.

The bottom line is

  • Do you go to an optometrist for eye surgery?

The answer is no, you go to a specialist eye surgeon, an ophthalmologist. Both specialize in eyes but specific problems require specialist attention.

Possums Removal

No matter where you live or what kind of roof you have, possums will find their way in if a hole is present. In the case i mentioned above, the pest controller was attempting to solve a problem but was looking in the wrong area and would have resulted in many days of trying to possum removal with a very poor result. The whole time the home owner would have been paying for it.

Possums have a very unique way of moving around and unfortunately experience is usually the only way you can fully understand how they operate. The inexperienced will see the first sign of entry and assume that’s the only place and set out to fix it up. Only to find that possums gain entry in a different place and then want to charge you to come back and fix the problem because “it’s a new hole”. The truth is they should have found it during the first visit.

If you have an issue with a pesky possum getting into your roof and keeping you awake, possum proofing and removal is the only real answer. This should of course be backed up with a guarantee that possums won’t get back in.possum removal and proofing

Why Get Professional Possum Removal

Understanding Possums

One of the most common questions I get asked is how can you guarantee your possum proofing work?

Don’t possums chew their way back in?

The answer is simple, yes they do chew their way back in and I can guarantee the work we do because possum removal is more than just trapping a possum and sticking some chicken wire in the hole, I know when we finish it’s done properly and permenantly.

Understanding how possums work is part of the years of experience we have accumulated.

  • knowing where and how they get in
  • what to look for when inspecting the roof
  • how to block the entry points properly

Will give us the ability to guarantee that possums won’t get back in once they have been blocked out.possum proofing properly

Doing this efficiently in a cost effective way is why you should use a professional rather than someone who claims to be able to trap and relocate and block possum entry points.

A Couple of Facts

  1. You can’t relocate possum! – The national parks and wildlife act prevent the relocation of possums from their territory. The unofficial reason relocating possums is a waste of your money is that it doesn’t fix the problem.
  2. Paying someone to just trap and remove possums from your roof is a waste of money too. There are many more efficient ways of getting possums out of the roof.
  3. Some people will give a guarantee, even up to 2 years, but it will only cover the tiny little piece that they have fixed and not anything else.
  4. Materials used to seal the entry must be fit for the purpose. Stuffing wire in a hole doesn’t really cut it.

There are those who know what to do and there are those who say they know.

I recall a story of someone who had possums removed from his building, it was a unit block in Milton Brisbane. They had worn a hole in the Gyprock ceiling, so he thought it time to get them out.

Someone who claimed to be “a possum man” was called in to remove the possums. They convinced the owner that the only way to get the possum out was to cut a hole in the ceiling and put a trap in there. It was a narrow roof space with limited access, so it made sense.

A possum was trapped and relocated, problem solved. Or so they thought. The owner went and had the ceiling repaired at a cost of about $1,900.00.

6 months later the possums were back and guess what? They produced another hole in the ceiling with another repair bill of about $1,600.00. The owner called the previous guy or tried to only to get no answer. So the 12 month guarantee he gave was useless.

Eventually he called us, we went and

  • found the entry point up on the roof and checked there were no other access points
  • made sure we got the possum out
  • sealed up the hole
  • guaranteed they wouldn’t get back in

All for less than $400. Had the guy doing the work done it properly in the first case the owner would have saved $1,600 in ceiling repairs.

If the owner had of taken action to get the possum out before it wore a hole in the ceiling he could have saved another $1,500.

It doesn’t matter where you live, find  professional possum removal and proofing by experienced people who know what they are doinging.

Do Owl Statues Scare off Possums

Is it possible for an owl statue to scare off possums from your property?

I have heard a number of people say they have tried everything to stop possums from interrupting their sleep at nighPossum removal that doesn't workt, but an Owl Statue to scare off Possums???

Just yesterday a lady said she was playing loud music in an attempt to scare them out of her roof.

But as far as trying to get an “Owl Statue to scare off possums” then I think you may be waiting for a long time.

What possums do

When they are confronted with something new, possums often will just sit and watch. I have seen this in action late one nite when I was doing a possum removal job in Mosman, a ringtail possum was sitting on one branch and a Tawny Frogmouth owl was sitting on the other branch. They were both as still as could be, just staring each other out.

What happened, I’ve got no idea, It was late and I had finished for the night and wanted to get home.

I have seen some pretty amazing attempts at trying to deter possums from being around and in homes, but still the only really effective way I know is to find the hole and Block it up. This then give the possum no choice but to move on and find a new home.

Young Possums

Young Possum Removal

In recent times which is autumn in Australia, I have been seeing a number of instances of young possums getting themselves in compromising positions.

Young Possum removal

Possums exiting Roof space

This is a bit unusual because predominantly this happens at the end of winter after they have breed in autumn.

What this means is that possum removal may not be as straight forward as normal. You see, young juvenile  possums are a bit like teenagers, think they know everything except when to stay out of trouble.

So be on the look out, they can end up in the weirdest places after a big night exploring.

Some places I have heard of are:

  • Curled up in the corner of your kitchen bench
  • Snuggling into the hair of a lady while she was asleep at 4 am (she freaked)
  • head buried under a snuggle rug in a childs cot (baby wasn’t in there Thankfully)
  • sitting on top of a pelmet asleep

If you have a story about where you have found a possum in the morning Let me know

What it means

Don’t leave windows open during the night, adventurous young possums will go places they can’t get out of.

What can you do?

If you find a young one inside your house you can

  1. Just leave sleep and call us or someone who handles wildlife to come and take it out
  2. Leave the window open and seal the room off so that when night falls it will hopefully go out again (not recommended)
  3. At least you can ring us for advice
  4. Organize possum removal and site inspection to limit the options of them climbing through your windows again

Is Possum Removal the Answer?

Possum removal

Many people have had experience with possum removal. Some people believe that the only thing you can do is to remove them. What they mean is to trap them and relocate them.

YOU CAN”T DO THIS. Just because a possum is keeping you awake at night doesn’t give you the right to take it away from it’s territory.

It would be like someone kidnapping you and taking you interstate just because you played loud music.

When a possum enters your roof, the only thing you can do is to find the hole and block it up. Making sure the possum is out of the roof first.

A word of warning though.

When possums have been resident for awhile in your roof they will do just about anything to get back in. I have recently seen a roof in Brisbane where the possum chewed a piece fascia board 6″ wide and made a hole about 8″ long.

So, never under estimate a possum that has been locked out of its home. They are very tenacious and will work away until they gain entry if they think there’s a chance.


Possum Removal

Possum Removal specialists

The number of times I have seen the evidence of poorly executed attempts to get rid of noises in the roof is astounding.

The worst case was a young possum sitting eating rat poison distributed by a pest controller who wrongly diagnosed the noises as rats.

Possum Removal

Possums try to get back in day and night

That was right up there with the call i received from someone who wanted me to remove a dead possum from in an exhaust fan above the stove. The possum would have had to have been in there for about 5 days before it died. You draw the conclusion, but my guess is that they wanted to get rid of the possum and thought that letting it die was the answer. The fact is that with any possum removal, if you don’t block the hole then another one will just waltz on in.

If you are suspicious that a possum is the cause of noises in your roof then get a possum removal specialist to check it out, they will

  • inspect your roof inside
  • locate any holes on the outside of your roof
  • inspect the entire outside of you house for possible entry points

You will then know what needs to be done to treat the problem once you know what you are dealing with. The person you use to inspect your property will be able to carry out most work required to get rid of possums from your roof.