Sydney Possum Removal

Sydney Possum Removal

Sydney Possum Removal

Sydney Possum Removal is required in just about every part of the city and greater Sydney. They can vary the time they go out, anySydney Possum Removal time from just after dark until Midnight and the time they come back in can range widely.

Unfortunately the results are the same Australia wide, they sound like a football team when they go out and a drunk teenager when they come home.

Settle down for their days rest in our morning and ramping up their activity when it’s getting dark and we are just starting to relax after a long day at work, getting the kids into bed. It has often been heard by a young child that there is a monster in the roof………Nah really just a possum

Sleep deprivation usually is only tolerated for a couple of days and then it’s time to do something about it.

What do you Do?

You can

  • Find the entry point
  • climb up on the roof and try to seal the hole up when the possum is out (they are nocturnal)
  • seal the hole up once they are out – because you don’t want one to die up in your roof
  • hope that they won’t chew their way back in

If you are sick of the noises in your roof and don’t know what to do about them Call Mr Possum 0403 819 828