Specialist Possum Proofing

Possum removal by finding the entry points

Possums will get in!

I have recently spoken to 3 different home owners about their possum problems. They all have the same story to tell.possum proofing done wrong

They’ve had possums in the roof for years and now that the possums are damaging the property badly they want them out.

Now this in its self isn’t anything new but each one of these people have attempted to block the possum entry points up with all sorts of material but each time the possum gets back in.

The damage this has caused is expensive, in one case about $7,500 when the ceiling above the kitchen collapsed after the broken tile left by the possum allowed the rain to pour in,

Extensive damage isn’t uncommon if possums are allowed to stay in the roof for extended periods.

Can anyone fix the problem?

If you know what you’re looking for and can identify the problem area then maybe!

But seeing what the possum has done to get back in will be a better indication. Some chew timber, others will chew through lead flashing.

Knowing the right material to use and using it properly is the key.

We generally don’t know until we see the property, so if you have an issue with a pesky possum that just won’t go away then call Mr Possum on 0403 819 828 and we provide the specialist possum proofing you need and fix the problem, Guaranteed.