Possum Removal Logan

Possum removal Logan

Possum Removal Logan

Houses in Logan are usually a pretty easy target for the Common Brushtail Possum.

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Possums exiting Roof space
Possums will get into your roof anyway they can.

With the extensive use of timber for housing construction and the general age of the suburbs, unfortunately possums simple chew through weakened and aged timber to gain access to your roof space. The other big issue is that there are a lot of homes which have been renovated or extended and often the join between new and old has holes where possums can get in.

Before possums became a big  issue in Logan, houses were built with ventilation and airflow in mind. The extensive use of tiled roofs causes particular problems because the pointing (grout) in the tiles deteriorates over time and falls out. This is a huge problem, not only with birds but now days possums. Commonly these gaps were sealed off with chicken wire but a possum with a will to get in will chew through or rather keep biting at it until they get through.

Why is there possums in your roof?

The reason possums are in your roof is because they want a place to sleep. Under normal circumstances they would live in a hollow in a tree but we have encroached on there territories and by our expanding urban sprawl which takes away the natural habitat and replaces it with a beautiful dry, comfortable roof to call home. Now I know they’re native animals but they’re far from stupid and lets face it what would you rather?

Possum removal or Possum Proof?

The term possum removal is a little bit off the mark, most people say they want the possum removed from their house. What is really needed is to have your house repaired so the possums can’t get back into your roof once they’re out.

Many people have tried some successfully some not, to get a possum removal service in Logan.

The main thing is to ensure that who ever does the job for you, that they will locate and repair the holes where the possums get in and that they guarantee their work.

If you need to have an expert check out your roof, please call us on 0403 819 828 and let us get the little things out of your roof and get you sleeping right through the night again.

Possum Removal Cost.

There a number of factors that determine the cost of possum removal if you find you have possums in your roof. The primary consideration is how many holes there are and what is required to block them up. There is a right way and a wrong way to possum proof your house and the wrong way can be costly. That is why I recommend you get a possum removal professional to do the job.

The secondary consideration is the guarantee you will be given after completion.

As we have stated we guarantee our work 100%