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Get Rid of Possums from your roof

Get Rid of Possums what can you do?

Mate, just Get Rid of Possums, All I want to do is get rid of these damn possums. They keep me awake at night and wake the kids up, as if we need them waking during the night.

Have you ever heard that before?

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Get rid of possums

Lets have a look at what your options are.

Possum Deterrents

Just about everyone has a theory about how to get rid of possums. They really mean how to stop possums annoying them, and the options range from

  • Bright lights
  • Naphthalene flakes
  • Loud music
  • Pepper sprinkled around
  • Rubber snakes
  • Owl figurines and I’m sure there are many more

The bottom line is that possums are very adaptable and some of these may work for a short time like naphthalene flakes and most don’t work at all.

You see, when there is a  change to the environment in which a possum lives, they just sits back and look. If the the change doesn’t affect them, they just go on with business as usual.

Electronic Deterrents

There are a number of electronic devices available which claim to be able to deter possums.


A device that sends out an ultrasonic way the is supposed to be detected by possums and keep them from entering the space where the  device is located. The down side of these devices is that they have black spots or shadows behind roof timbers.

Electric Fences

These area 3 or 4 strand of wire which are attached to a low voltage electronic unit which sends a pulse through the wire which give anything that touches them a small jolt which shocks them away from the area. These can be effective along the top of fences or the top of the roof to deter them from running over the roof.

Sprays and Liquids

There are also a number of possum removal sprays available. The idea is that you spray it around and it’s supposed to keep them away. As with the other deterrents they can have varying levels of effectiveness.

The only certain way of get rid of possums out of your roof is is to physically block the entry points with impervious material after you are sure the possum is out.
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