Get Rid of Possums with Care

Baby Possums are everywhere

I was recently called to get rid of possums in a roof in Brisbane where they were getting into the roof and causing the people their a huge mount of grief with the running around in the night.

What was puzzling to start with was the excessive amounts of movement during the day. You see normally possums sleep during the day but this one kept move around walking from one side of the roof to the other. The tenant originally thought it was a rat in the roof.

The reason for the movement turned out to be the fact that the possum was a mum and the baby was big enough to be out of the pouch but not self sufficient and like most young ones wouldn’t leave mum alone.

Baby Brushtail possum in Brisbane

Baby Brushtail possum

Fortunately when darkness fell they both went out of the roof, we blocked the hole in the roof and Mum and baby went to live in a nearby tree as they are meant to.

So if you are hearing noises in the roof, don’t automatically assume that you have rats and throw out rat poison. It could be a mum with a baby, mum will eat the rat bait and die. Baby will end up die because it has no Mum.

If you are unsure whether you have rats or possums in your roof