Brisbane Possums in Roofs

The number of dead possums on the road is a concern to all people.

I often get calls from people who have found an injured possum and is wondering what they can do.

Common Ringtail possum

Common Ringtail Possum

I don’t rescue injured animals but there are networks like WIRES and BARN who do.

The bigger concern is the fact that possums have to roam the streets rather than live in their territory.

What we are seeing is possum showing up on top of cupboards in garages or inside roller doors.

Tree clearing

So many people say that as soon as someone close by has chopped down a tree, possums have come into their home.

In Brisbane recently a large date palm tree was cut down and a family of possums moved into the roof of a neighbors house.

The thing to be aware of is that when we take away possum habitat we should be looking to put up possum boxes or at least give them somewhere else to call home.

Do you hear noises in your roof?




Possums Bite

A Baby Possum Bit Me

The other day whilst removing a possum in the Brisbane suburb of Jindalee we had a case of a young possum biting the hand that was trying to save him.

Somehow he had ended up caught up in an area where he shouldn’t have been and we were able to reach in and get him, which was all fine but then he decided to test out his jaws.

All the way down the ladder this little guy decided he was going to lock his little teeth into the finger of the one who saved him.

Ungrateful little bugger!

Fortunately he didn’t break the skin and he eventually let his grip go, but that’s just another reason why it’s not a great idea to remove possums by yourself whether you live in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast or anywhere for that matter.

If you find a possum in your roof and you aren’t confident enough to get it out and seal up the hole by your self, get a possum removal Professional to come and get it out and secure the property properly.

Possum Removal Done Successfully

Achieving long term success with possum removal is often hard thing do. There are a number of  factors that contribute to your success. More often than not it gets down to the experience of the guy doing the job.

Possum removal in Brisbane in particular is often a case of repairing the house rather than blocking a hole. Timber homes are usually a target for possums, in Brisbane anyway.

Check out this video of a successful possum removal at Wynum in Brisbane. This little guy had decided to take up residence and was pretty keen to get back in. That was over a year ago and still hasn’t been able to get back in. Which is why offering a guarantee it not hard for us to do.

In this case there was no possum catcher involved just Mr Possum who outsmarted the possums to get a successful long lasting result.



Mister Possum

Possum Removal on the Gold Coast

The other day while removing a possum from a roof in Bonogan on the Gold Coast I was confronted with a rather feisty young possum.

Probably as with teenage boys, he was trying to flex his muscles and stamp his authority. Either way as i got close to the entry point which he had been blocked out of, he rared up and screeched at me. He even had a little swipe at me. I thought “now here’s a worthy recipient of the Mr Possum award of the week”.

As you can see he is a real Mr Possum.


Mr Possum

This obviously a Mr Possum

Can anyone get rid of possums

Can anyone get rid of possums

No, ask anyone who has had anything to do with a persistent possum they will tell you that it’s not as obvious as it seems. The numbers ways possums can in to a roof is endless. So therefore it takes a certain amount of expertise that goes with finding these ways. In most cases just having a good look in the roof and not seeing a possum doesn’t mean there isn’t one there.

Possums aren’t pests

I have recently seen some disturbing things happening when it comes to getting rid of possums.

Although possums are inside your roof and keeping you awake at night, they aren’t pests. Therefore they can’t be dealt with as a pest.

You see pests are not protected by Law (Possums are) and the way possums need to be dealt with is in a way that stops them from getting into your roof but humanely as well.

Should you use a pest controller to possum proof your house?

This depends on how they approach the possum removal from your roof. Many a time we have seen where a bit of chicken wire stuffed into the hole where they were getting in and then give you no guarantee that they won’t get back in.

how to get rid of possums

Easy to get through Chicken wire repair

Often when someone calls with a “noise in there roof” problem the first reaction is to assume that there is rats in the roof. (Current treatment for this is to throw out rat poison) . There are a number of issues with this

  1. If possums are in the roof, they will eat the poison and die a horrid death.
  2. The possum or rats may die in the roof
  3. The hole where the got in originally is still open
  4. There WILL be another possum come visit GUARANTEED

Pest Controllers may be good at controlling pests but unless they are experienced and successful at Possum Proofing your house, you should seek the services of a possum removal specialist.

When possums start interrupting you life, DON’T just treat them as a PEST. Call a Possum removal specialist and have them dealt properly.



Possum Removal Southport, Broadbeach, Coolangatta

Possum Removal Southport to Broadbeach to Coolangatta

Some of the older homes around Southport (North Gold Coast), Broadbeach (Central Gold Coast) and Coolangatta (South Gold Coast) are very susceptible to to possum invasion. The age of some of the homes and tenacious habits of possums will almost guarantee that if you hear noises in your roof then you have a possum in your roof.

Noises in your Roof

What happens when you hear noises?

The first time you hear it, scratching and running around during the night. Some time after dark they wake and start to move around. They will move toward the opening and then go out for the night to feed. At some stage during the night they will often come back in to check if any intruders have ventured in.

Because they are territorial, possums will protect their territory with much conviction and if there is a persistent intruder they will often fight to the death.

I was conducting a possum removal in Tallai last week and the owner and he relayed what he had seen with the resident possum attacking another in his garage. The savage attack resulted in the intruder dying in the garage.

When there is a possum in your roof that is defending it’s territory the noises you hear will be amplified 10 fold.

Getting rid of them from your roof then becomes urgent, noise like this wakes you up with a jolt and you think that someone is trying to get into your house.

Call us to get them out now before then next battle takes place in your roof.

How to Get Rid of Possums in Roofs

Possum traps

There are many companies around claiming to be possum removal professionals. The solution they offer for removing the possum from your roof is to trap them and then block the hole up.

Sounds good in theory but

  • you are charged for setting the trap and for each visit to clear the trap. Can be very expensive if there is more than one possum in your roof.
  • when using a trap the company must be licensed with the national parks and wildlife
  • traps scare possums and they may stay in the roof and not go in the trap for a couple of days, costing you more because of the extra trips to check the trap.

We have a process that will efficiently ensure the possums are out of your roof and the hole is blocked permanently!

Understanding Possums

The trick to dealing with possums in roofs is to understand what they do, when they do it and for what reason they are doing it.

So the methods used for possum proofing a house vary from time to time. The most important factor is to know just what we are dealing with and then take the appropriate action.