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Possums Bite

Possum removal Brisbane Mr Possum

A Baby Possum Bit Me The other day whilst removing a possum in the Brisbane suburb of Jindalee we had a case of a young possum biting the hand that was trying to save him. Somehow he had ended up caught up in an area where he shouldn’t have been and we were able to […]

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Gold Coast Possums

Gold Coast possum Mum and Baby

Gold Coast Possum in Roofs in Numbers I have recently noticed a lot of cases of 3 or 4 Brushtail possums occupying  the one roof sleeping in close proximity to each other. This kind of blows the theory of them living solo in a given territory. The most recent case was at Tallai on the […]

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Will Possums try to get back in

Alternate housing after possum removal

When a possum is blocked out When a successful possum removal from your house is completed, possums will normally go and find  a new place to call home. Usually in a tree nearby or another house which has access. If you are in heavily populated areas then putting a possum box up in a tree […]

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Mister Possum

Male Brushtail Possum

Possum Removal on the Gold Coast The other day while removing a possum from a roof in Bonogan on the Gold Coast I was confronted with a rather feisty young possum. Probably as with teenage boys, he was trying to flex his muscles and stamp his authority. Either way as i got close to the […]

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Can anyone get rid of possums

Although possums are inside your roof and keeping you awake at night, they aren’t pests. Therefore they can’t be dealt with as a pest.

You see pests are not protected by Law (Possums are) and the way possums need to be dealt with is in a way that stops them from getting into your roof but humanely as well.

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Possum Removal Southport, Broadbeach, Coolangatta

Possum Removal Southport to Broadbeach to Coolangatta Some of the older homes around Southport (North Gold Coast), Broadbeach (Central Gold Coast) and Coolangatta (South Gold Coast) are very susceptible to to possum invasion. The age of some of the homes and tenacious habits of possums will almost guarantee that if you hear noises in your […]

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How to Get Rid of Possums in Roofs

Possum traps There are many companies around claiming to be possum removal professionals. The solution they offer for removing the possum from your roof is to trap them and then block the hole up. Sounds good in theory but you are charged for setting the trap and for each visit to clear the trap. Can […]

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