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Animals in the Roof

  When you hear noises in the roof, what do you do?   First before you ring us, have a really good listen to the noises you’re hearing.   Listen particularly for where you hear the noise and what time. Also listen for a particular direction the noise might be heading in and what time […]

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Indooroopilly Possum

Mum and Babies Leave Home in Peace This very cute little Ringtail Possum mum and her 2 very small babies are now back in the leafy garden where they can resume life as normal Ringtails do. After a 4 week period of noisy escapades through an Indooroopilly Roof, the possum proofing experts at Mr Possum […]

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Possums Bite

Possum removal Brisbane Mr Possum

A Baby Possum Bit Me The other day whilst removing a possum in the Brisbane suburb of Jindalee we had a case of a young possum biting the hand that was trying to save him. Somehow he had ended up caught up in an area where he shouldn’t have been and we were able to […]

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Brisbane Possum Removal

Brisbane Possum Removal is Different Brisbane Possum Removal is not a lot different to other areas around Australia. The only variations that occur is timing of when they are more active. Unfortunately Queenslanders are subject to some very early return trips home for possums living in their roofs. As you are probably aware, in Brisbane […]

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MIEGUNYAH – Historical House with Possums

Grand Possum home in Brisbane

Miegunyah – Historical QLD House with Possums Built in the 1880’s, Miegunyah is typical of the homes built in Brisbane during this period. However it’s a house with possums. It has been faithfully preserved by the Queensland Woman’s Historical Association as a Memorial to the Pioneer Women of Queensland. This property is listed with the […]

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Brisbane Pests

Mistaken Identity I had a phone call the other day from a guy in Brisbane that was really peed off about the “bloody pests in my roof” as he put it. The thing is that when people have their peaceful sleep interrupted they get pretty angry. This guy was going to kill the possum if […]

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Young Possums

Young Possum removal

Young Possum Removal In recent times which is autumn in Australia, I have been seeing a number of instances of young possums getting themselves in compromising positions. This is a bit unusual because predominantly this happens at the end of winter after they have breed in autumn. What this means is that possum removal may […]

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What do possums eat?

Possums diet vary from place to place but one thing is certain that if they want to get into your roof. Prompting the question what do possums eat?

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Possum Removal

The number of times I have seen the evidence of poorly executed attempts to get rid of noises in the roof is astounding.

The worst case was a young possum sitting eating rat poison distributed by a pest controller who wrongly diagnosed the noises as rats.

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How to Keep Possums out

Discover what not to use when possum proofing your house

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