Possum Removal Sequence

Possum removal systemPossum removal by finding the entry points

You can hear them but you can’t find where they are getting in. I don’t know how often I have heard that.


This is the first sign of extreme frustration and it is all down hill from here.

Normally you go from

  • I can hear a noise in my roof, maybe if I leave it the noise will go away by its self.
  • No the noise hasn’t gone away.

Then you start looking for the holes and unless you get up on the roof and find a real obvious hole then you will often not know for sure where they get in.

Just removing them by trapping is a waste of time and it can harm the possum, besides that it doesn’t fix the problem………….. because another one will just follow the scent trail and bingo, you have a new possum in your roof.

Then by the time you ring me, extreme frustration is evident and somehow the cute little nocturnal creature that appeared at night on the balcony has transformed into PUBLIC ENEMY number 1 and must be taken care of once and for all.

I even had a guy with possums in Brisbane once meet me at the top of the stairs to his house, grab me by the collar and say, “mate! I don’t care what you have to do just get rid of the €£%#^*¥ possum”

Fortunately we did, he calmed down and no one got hurt!!!! In particular the possum.

The main point to remember is that possums don’t just go away, they are looking for a home and when they find a vacancy they move in, get comfortable and live their life. A part of which is their nocturnal activities in your roof.

What to do?

Get them out as soon as you hear the first noises.

If you can’t see the entry point obviously then chances are it will be hard to find.

Give us a call 0403819828 and we will sort it out for you, the early detection can often save money on expensive damage repairs caused by long term possum inhabitants.

Brisbane Possums in Roofs

The number of dead possums on the road is a concern to all people.

I often get calls from people who have found an injured possum and is wondering what they can do.

Common Ringtail possum

Common Ringtail Possum

I don’t rescue injured animals but there are networks like WIRES and BARN who do.

The bigger concern is the fact that possums have to roam the streets rather than live in their territory.

What we are seeing is possum showing up on top of cupboards in garages or inside roller doors.

Tree clearing

So many people say that as soon as someone close by has chopped down a tree, possums have come into their home.

In Brisbane recently a large date palm tree was cut down and a family of possums moved into the roof of a neighbors house.

The thing to be aware of is that when we take away possum habitat we should be looking to put up possum boxes or at least give them somewhere else to call home.

Do you hear noises in your roof?




Sir David Attenborough weighs in to help save the Leadbeater’s Possum

These Little fellas need our help.

It’s great to see that some others think so too.

Leadbeaters Possum

Image by Victoriamuseum

MELBOURNE: One of the world’s most famous naturalists, Sir David Attenborough is leading the charge for a new national park to be created in the Australian state of Victoria.

Attenborough, along with Jane Goodall, a conservationist best known for her work with gorillas, has called upon Victoria’s state politicians to establish a Green Forest National Park in an effort to save the endangered Leadbeater’s possum, Xinhua reported.

The marsupial is found strictly in the central hi ..

 The Leadbeater’s Story of Dicovery

Animals in the Roof


When you hear noises in the roof, what do you do?


First before you ring us, have a really good listen to the noises you’re hearing.Possum and Rat removal Brisbane


Listen particularly for where you hear the noise and what time.

Also listen for a particular direction the noise might be heading in and what time that is. Animals in the roof will often move in similar paths.


If you can be particular about those things then getting the problem sorted out quickly can be a lot easier.


The next step is to give us a call and we will

  1. Organise a time that suites both of us to inspect the roof both inside and out
  2. work out the best method of getting the possum out
  3. once we know it’s out we can then block the entry point up so the possum won’t get back in.
  4. We guarantee that it won’t, for at least 12months.

Things to be aware of.


  • Possums can’t be caught and relocated (legally)
  • If the hole isn’t blocked correctly and with the right material the possum will get back in, guaranteed.
  • Some guarantees only cover the work done, not the re-entry of the possum. Make sure you clarify what the guarantee covers.


There are usually only 2 things that are making noises in your roof at night.

  1. Possums
  2. Rats

Either way if you think there may be possums in the roof then every effort must be made to get them out before you try and deal with rats.


I have seen possums eating Ratsack and seen one that had a rat trap on it’s leg, and if you think they are noisy running through the roof, you should hear them when a rat trap is attached to their foot.


We deal with rats as well as possum to ensure the problem is fixed quickly and you get back to enjoying your sleep, as you should.

Just Call on 0403 819 828

Indooroopilly Possum

Mum and Babies Leave Home in PeaceBrisbane ringtail possum removal indooroopilly

This very cute little Ringtail Possum mum and her 2 very small babies are now back in the leafy garden where they can resume life as normal Ringtails do.

After a 4 week period of noisy escapades through an Indooroopilly Roof, the possum proofing experts at Mr Possum made the offer of returning to the garden to good to refuse.

After locating the entry point into the roof we were able to make sure that when the little mum went out that night for her usual nightly activities, she was unable to get back in.

Ringtail possums normally live in a birds nest looking home called a Drey, which can usually be found in heavily leafed areas of suburban gardens.

Now the owners of this home have their valuable sleep pattern restored and the possum is back living in the garden where it should be.

Good result all around.


Possums Bite

A Baby Possum Bit Me

The other day whilst removing a possum in the Brisbane suburb of Jindalee we had a case of a young possum biting the hand that was trying to save him.

Somehow he had ended up caught up in an area where he shouldn’t have been and we were able to reach in and get him, which was all fine but then he decided to test out his jaws.

All the way down the ladder this little guy decided he was going to lock his little teeth into the finger of the one who saved him.

Ungrateful little bugger!

Fortunately he didn’t break the skin and he eventually let his grip go, but that’s just another reason why it’s not a great idea to remove possums by yourself whether you live in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast or anywhere for that matter.

If you find a possum in your roof and you aren’t confident enough to get it out and seal up the hole by your self, get a possum removal Professional to come and get it out and secure the property properly.

Possum Removal Done Successfully

Achieving long term success with possum removal is often hard thing do. There are a number of  factors that contribute to your success. More often than not it gets down to the experience of the guy doing the job.

Possum removal in Brisbane in particular is often a case of repairing the house rather than blocking a hole. Timber homes are usually a target for possums, in Brisbane anyway.

Check out this video of a successful possum removal at Wynum in Brisbane. This little guy had decided to take up residence and was pretty keen to get back in. That was over a year ago and still hasn’t been able to get back in. Which is why offering a guarantee it not hard for us to do.

In this case there was no possum catcher involved just Mr Possum who outsmarted the possums to get a successful long lasting result.



Brisbane Possum Removal 0403 819 828

Brisbane Possum Removal is Different

Brisbane Possum Removal is not a lot different to other areas around Australia. The only variations that occur is timing of when they Brisbane Possum Removalare more active.

Unfortunately Queenslanders are subject to some very early return trips home for possums living in their roofs.

As you are probably aware, in Brisbane during summer the sun is rising at around 4.45am which means possums are coming home sometime before then and from what we hear, it’s between 3.00 and 4.00am when a possum makes its sudden entry back into the roof space.

They then settle down for their days rest and when it’s getting dark and we are just starting to relax after a long day at work, getting the kids into bed……….THUMP goes your little roof guest and they are on their way for the night.

This generally goes on for a few days before you become somewhat peeved at the interrupted sleep and you decide it’s time to take some sort of action.

What do you Do?

You can

  • Work out where the possums are getting in
  • climb up on the roof and try to seal the hole up when the possum is out (they are nocturnal)
  • seal the hole up once they are out – because you don’t want one to die up in your roof
  • hope that they won’t chew their way back in

If you are sick of the noises in your roof and don’t know what you can do about them Call Mr Possum 0403 819 828

MIEGUNYAH – Historical House with Possums

Miegunyah – Historical QLD House with Possums

Built in the 1880’s, Miegunyah is typical of the homes built in Brisbane during this period. However it’s a house with possums.

It has been faithfully preserved by the Queensland Woman’s Historical Association as a Memorial to the Pioneer Women of Queensland.

Miegunyah Historical Brisbane Home 1880's is a house with possums

This property is listed with the Queensland Heritage register, Register of National Estate and Classified “A” by the National Trust of Queensland.

Maintained in its original color schemes. Preserved are layout and furnishing of the era, Miegunyah is a treasure trove of Queensland living in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

A Grand Home for a Possum

Grand Brisbane house with possums

Grand Possum home in Brisbane

The timber used to construct this magnificent home is some of the hardest of hardwoods I have encountered. Still a quiet little female brushtail possum managed to chew her way into the roof and make a very comfortable nesting area for herself. With such a large roof area, she had her choice of anywhere to nest. True to form, she went to the tightest, furthermost corner of the roof to sleep the day away.

The lady’s who operate Miegunyah were very keen to have this little girl evicted from the roof as she was starting to urinate in the ceiling  running down the walls. So with the utmost care Mr Possum managed to find the entry points, where she had gnawed away for what must have been months at some of the hardwood rafters.

Got her out and then blocked off the holes so it still looked in keeping with the original building.

The little possum now has found a new home in the surrounding trees and no longer causes a problem in the ceiling of this magnificent  property.

To find out more about this significant property and the fantastic work the Queensland Woman’s Historical Association are doing Read More



Brisbane Pests

Mistaken Identity

I had a phone call the other day from a guy in Brisbane that was really peed off about the “bloody pests in my roof” as he put it.

Possums in roofs are an ongoing issue

Proper repair helps to stop them getting back in

The thing is that when people have their peaceful sleep interrupted they get pretty angry. This guy was going to kill the possum if we weren’t able to do anything about it.

Thankfully we were able to get it out of the roof and it no longer is a problem. But the truth is that possums aren’t pests. Just their activity is a pain sometimes.

I guess the concern was that this little animal which is native to our land is being persecuted because he is interrupting our sleep

When we really should be having a look at our house to see if there is any potential spots where possums are going to get in. Remember if there is some weak timber or a slight gap then all you need is a possum to wonder past and it will take a look.

No one home, possum has a new home and you have a new problem.

A bit of maintenance can save many sleepless nights.

What are the real Pests?

When you are hearing noises in the roof and you are not sure if it’s possums or some other pest. Rats are the most common other pest in the roof

Young Possums

Young Possum Removal

In recent times which is autumn in Australia, I have been seeing a number of instances of young possums getting themselves in compromising positions.

Young Possum removal

Possums exiting Roof space

This is a bit unusual because predominantly this happens at the end of winter after they have breed in autumn.

What this means is that possum removal may not be as straight forward as normal. You see, young juvenile  possums are a bit like teenagers, think they know everything except when to stay out of trouble.

So be on the look out, they can end up in the weirdest places after a big night exploring.

Some places I have heard of are:

  • Curled up in the corner of your kitchen bench
  • Snuggling into the hair of a lady while she was asleep at 4 am (she freaked)
  • head buried under a snuggle rug in a childs cot (baby wasn’t in there Thankfully)
  • sitting on top of a pelmet asleep

If you have a story about where you have found a possum in the morning Let me know

What it means

Don’t leave windows open during the night, adventurous young possums will go places they can’t get out of.

What can you do?

If you find a young one inside your house you can

  1. Just leave sleep and call us or someone who handles wildlife to come and take it out
  2. Leave the window open and seal the room off so that when night falls it will hopefully go out again (not recommended)
  3. At least you can ring us for advice
  4. Organize possum removal and site inspection to limit the options of them climbing through your windows again