How Much Does Possum Removal Cost

What are you really asking?

Possum removal is just part of the job.

The most important part though is the Possum Proofing of your house.

Just about anyone can remove a possum, just last week I had lady ring me from Manly where she had someone come to remove a possum that was inside the roof.

The guy she called had an advertisement in the local paper…..

Claiming he could Rid Your home of Possums.

He showed up in a van that was sign written as being a Carpet Cleaner and Pest Control

What do you think happened…………

Yeah, this guy set traps in the roof and surprise, surprise didn’t catch anything. Because he was using the wrong type of trap. But trapping is a bad idea anyway.possums trapped

At this stage he hadn’t been up on the roof to find any entry points, the idea was to wait until they had all been caught and released then he was going to block off the entry point. BUT he didn’t know where that point was.

Long story short……..

We were called in and got the job done in 3 days, Possum out and hole sealed up permanently.

Here’s what this would have cost.

Each Time he was to come and check the trap he was going to charge her $85.00, by the time we got there he had been twice and hadn’t caught a possum but still wanted to charge for his time $170.00 (possums still in the roof)

He then didn’t show up for a week, we think he was stumped at this stage and didn’t know what else to do.

Blah Blah, I think you get the picture.

He thought it would be a great idea to add another source of income to his carpet cleaning business.

We only specialise in possum removal and proofing of your house.

We have a minimum charge to get the possums out and proof the entry points

Any additional costs are due to any extra work required to ensure your home is possum proof.

We won’t was your money or our time if we don’t think we can solve your problem. But that hasn’t happened yet.


Brisbane Possums in Roofs

The number of dead possums on the road is a concern to all people.

I often get calls from people who have found an injured possum and is wondering what they can do.

Common Ringtail possum

Common Ringtail Possum

I don’t rescue injured animals but there are networks like WIRES and BARN who do.

The bigger concern is the fact that possums have to roam the streets rather than live in their territory.

What we are seeing is possum showing up on top of cupboards in garages or inside roller doors.

Tree clearing

So many people say that as soon as someone close by has chopped down a tree, possums have come into their home.

In Brisbane recently a large date palm tree was cut down and a family of possums moved into the roof of a neighbors house.

The thing to be aware of is that when we take away possum habitat we should be looking to put up possum boxes or at least give them somewhere else to call home.

Do you hear noises in your roof?




Why Get Professional Possum Removal

Understanding Possums

One of the most common questions I get asked is how can you guarantee your possum proofing work?

Don’t possums chew their way back in?

The answer is simple, yes they do chew their way back in and I can guarantee the work we do because possum removal is more than just trapping a possum and sticking some chicken wire in the hole, I know when we finish it’s done properly and permenantly.

Understanding how possums work is part of the years of experience we have accumulated.

  • knowing where and how they get in
  • what to look for when inspecting the roof
  • how to block the entry points properly

Will give us the ability to guarantee that possums won’t get back in once they have been blocked out.possum proofing properly

Doing this efficiently in a cost effective way is why you should use a professional rather than someone who claims to be able to trap and relocate and block possum entry points.

A Couple of Facts

  1. You can’t relocate possum! – The national parks and wildlife act prevent the relocation of possums from their territory. The unofficial reason relocating possums is a waste of your money is that it doesn’t fix the problem.
  2. Paying someone to just trap and remove possums from your roof is a waste of money too. There are many more efficient ways of getting possums out of the roof.
  3. Some people will give a guarantee, even up to 2 years, but it will only cover the tiny little piece that they have fixed and not anything else.
  4. Materials used to seal the entry must be fit for the purpose. Stuffing wire in a hole doesn’t really cut it.

There are those who know what to do and there are those who say they know.

I recall a story of someone who had possums removed from his building, it was a unit block in Milton Brisbane. They had worn a hole in the Gyprock ceiling, so he thought it time to get them out.

Someone who claimed to be “a possum man” was called in to remove the possums. They convinced the owner that the only way to get the possum out was to cut a hole in the ceiling and put a trap in there. It was a narrow roof space with limited access, so it made sense.

A possum was trapped and relocated, problem solved. Or so they thought. The owner went and had the ceiling repaired at a cost of about $1,900.00.

6 months later the possums were back and guess what? They produced another hole in the ceiling with another repair bill of about $1,600.00. The owner called the previous guy or tried to only to get no answer. So the 12 month guarantee he gave was useless.

Eventually he called us, we went and

  • found the entry point up on the roof and checked there were no other access points
  • made sure we got the possum out
  • sealed up the hole
  • guaranteed they wouldn’t get back in

All for less than $400. Had the guy doing the work done it properly in the first case the owner would have saved $1,600 in ceiling repairs.

If the owner had of taken action to get the possum out before it wore a hole in the ceiling he could have saved another $1,500.

It doesn’t matter where you live, find  professional possum removal and proofing by experienced people who know what they are doinging.

Gold Coast Possum Removal

Gold Coast Possum Removal

Increasingly Gold Coast Possum Removal is needed in an ever widening range. It was once just the lucky few who lived near the bushGold Coast Possum Removal that were graced with the presence of possums but now they are moving further afield.

Unfortunately more house holders are experiencing the sounds like a football team when they go out and a drunk teenager when they come home.

Once home, possums usually settle in one of a couple of different nesting places in the roof and then sleep all day. Which is when we are awake and at work, only to wake up and start running around inside the roof just as we are looking to go to bed.

This normally is only allowed to go on for a couple of nights before someone is screaming we have gotta do something about these possums.

What are your options?

You can

  • Find the entry point
  • climb up on the roof and try to seal the hole up when the possum is out (they are nocturnal)
  • seal the hole up once they are out – because you don’t want one to die up in your roof
  • hope that they won’t chew their way back in

Call a pest controller, but they usually don’t have much experience with possums, particularly when it comes to possum proofing the house properly.

When you are really sick of the noise!

If you are sick of the noises in your roof and you want the job done properly with a guarantee that they won’t get back in

Call Mr Possum 0403 819 828

Mister Possum

Possum Removal on the Gold Coast

The other day while removing a possum from a roof in Bonogan on the Gold Coast I was confronted with a rather feisty young possum.

Probably as with teenage boys, he was trying to flex his muscles and stamp his authority. Either way as i got close to the entry point which he had been blocked out of, he rared up and screeched at me. He even had a little swipe at me. I thought “now here’s a worthy recipient of the Mr Possum award of the week”.

As you can see he is a real Mr Possum.


Mr Possum

This obviously a Mr Possum