Hearing noises in your roof?

Do you need Possum Removal?

Get rid of Possums

Possums take residence in your Roof

Do you here heavy footsteps in the night, thumping and stomping around in your ceiling?

Maybe you hear scratching and running around in your roof. No matter what your hear, you just know there’s something in your roof keeping you awake at night.

You could have a number of different things running around in your roof.

………are the 2 main culprits.

The tried and proven methods we use for riding you of the annoyance is to:

  • Inspect your roof space and determine what’s the cause of  the noise.
  • Then inspect the out side of the building to find the entry points and any other place they may be able access once the main point is sealed
  • Ensure the possums are out of the roof (depending on the hole determines the method of removal)
  • Permanently block the entry point (with material that they can’t chew through)
  • Guaranteed our work for 12 months so if you have another problem we will come back and fix it for FREE
  • Give you back your sleep.

We do it the most humane way known. Possums are protected by law and can’t be harmed. Rats and mice in your roof need to be dealt with properly and as humanely as possible.

Our services and coverage areas at this stage are:

To make sure you get your sleep back and the noises in your roof stop give us a call to discuss your particular issue, Call Russ on 0403 819 828